Online Health Consultations

Many people suffering from muscular or joint pain and injuries are facing the prospect of prolonged isolation due to the Coronavirus outbreak. These people will unfortunately be unable to leave their house to seek out care for their pain, so we are introducing a new Telehealth Consultation Service. These online health consultations allow you to speak to our sports chiropractor Josh French from the comfort of your own home, ensuring you receive the right advice and support you need to help speed up and manage your recovery (don’t worry, we will help you with the set-up to make it as easy as possible!).

Josh is an expert in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of pain and injuries related to the muscles and joints in the body. Most of what we do in your chiropractic appointments isn’t about the hands-on treatment – it’s about helping you manage the pain and the injury through advice and coaching, exercise prescription and pain management ideas etc.

How Can an Online Appointment Help Me?

Technology is making all aspects of life more efficient. Healthcare is no different. A Telehealth appointment is for people who are unable to attend the clinic. Through a phonecall or a video consultation we are still able to take a detailed health history, assess our patient’s movements, reassure them, tell our patients what they can or cannot do for the pain, guide them through rehabilitation exercise plans AND very importantly – hold them accountable and keep them on track!

Research has shown that up to 80% of clinician visits can be provided online with comparable clinical outcomes.

A computer set up for Telehealth consultations


What to Expect From Your Telehealth Consultation.


Helping you get set up

For the online consultation all you will need is a laptop or computer with a camera, and a reliable internet connection!

At the time of your appointment, your practitioner will call you on your phone and provide very simple instructions on how to access the video link.  If you’d prefer to use your smart phone for the video link (instead of your laptop/computer), please download the “ZOOM cloud meetings” app in advance.

Once your appointment is booked, your confirmation email will also confirm the above steps.


History and Diagnosis

In your online health consultation, your chiropractor will take a detailed history of your symptoms, provide a diagnosis, educate you about the problem and provide advice. They will be able to prescribe or demonstrate a tailored exercise programme to help resolve the issue. On top of this they will guide you on how long it will take until you feel better.


Patient performing a home exercise


A Tailored Exercise Programme

During your consultation, we are able to create a personalised care plan that consists of various stretches, exercises and care guidance for you to follow at home to help reduce your symptoms and fix the underlying problem. Exercises are provided in video format to show how they should be performed. 

Initial appointments can last up to 60 minutes (but may be shorter).  You will have a chance to email the practitioner over the following days should you have any follow-up questions. Alternatively, they may recommend a follow-up Telehealth appointment (around 20 mins) a few days later as your condition improves. This allows them to update the advice and exercises so you continue to see progress.

Telehealth Appointment Types


Initially we are offering 3 levels of online telehealth appointment:

Free Pre-Consultation Chat

This short session is to understand more about your problem and judge how serious your problem is. We can then decide if your case is something that can be dealt with remotely, or if you need onwards referral to a specialist.

There is no charge for this appointment type. If you would normally call your GP practice for pain that feels muscular, boney or related to your joints, consider calling us instead.

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In-depth New Patient Consultations.

Telehealth Consultations will take around 60 minutes. During these sessions we will discuss the problem you are experiencing, find out which movements and activities are affected by the pain etc, and get as close to a diagnosis as possible.

From there we can discuss your options for recovery, such as home-exercises and self-care, reassurance and education as to what’s going and ongoing rehabilitation exercises to reduce pain and correct the underlying problem.

This will be charged at £25 - approximately 40% the price of a regular new patient consultation (which costs £65).

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Follow up Consultations

The final level of remote consultation we offer is for existing patients who want to touch base and perhaps receive some advice, tinker with their exercises, assess the safety of a proposed activity etc. 

For our patients having to rearrange appointments due to self isolation, we are offering a complementary Telehealth follow up appointment.

Otherwise these sessions will be charged at £15 – approximately 33% the price of a regular follow-up appointment (which costs £45).

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Please note: There is no physical contact or hands-on treatment involved in these online Telehealth consultations. This makes them suitable for those who are currently self-isolating or are otherwise unable to travel to the clinic.

Questions or Concerns?

You can easily reach us by contacting us via the clinic number on 07566769528.

Please note, no hands-on therapy can be provided in this consultation. You may require more than one consultation in order to help with your problem.

To book your consultation, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you to arrange your appointment. ​