Low Back Pain and Leg Pain

Josh French adjusting the low back to improve low back pain.

We know how frustrating low back pain can be. We also know that with some chiropractic treatment for low back pain, you can get back on your feet and living your life the way you want as quickly as possible! 


Low Back Pain is a common problem!

One of the most common problems chiropractors see is low back pain. Low back pain can present with or without leg pain. Often it is related to a long history of poor posture and poor movement habits. Whatever the cause of the pain, as chiropractors we are expertly trained to assess and examine the area of concern. 

By completing a thorough history and examination our goal is to have an exact answer for why you are experiencing low back pain. On top of where it is coming from and what we can do for you. Have a read of this blog post to understand one of the exercises that can be helpful if you’re suffering from low back pain. 

If you decide to follow through with some chiropractic treatments for low back pain, we will likely use some of the following techniques to help you recover from your low back pain:


7 Most Common Causes of Low Back Pain - Free Ebook

Low back pain is so common, and is often caused by habits from 21st century lifestyle. To help as many people as possible, our sports chiropractor and owner Josh French has written a free ebook. This ebook contains lots of useful information about the most common causes of low back pain and how to eliminate these causes. 

The Cover of a free ebook - 7 most common reasons for low back pain.

If you want to learn more about the low back pain treatment techniques we offer and what they entail, click through to this page. 

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