Golf Specific Analysis

An improper and inefficient golf swing can lead to injury, reduced power and distance as well as altered ball flight. For injury prevention and improved performance it is essential to analyse the body. This allows us our sports chiropractor to identify any limitations that may be contributing towards a faulty golf swing.


Our sports chiro has trained in golf performance and has as all the tools to evaluate you and work with you to decrease your pain. We can also help increase your injury resistance and improve your golf performance. 

For those requiring year round injury prevention and performance optimisation, the Golf Performance Package would be an ideal place to start.

Josh French, clinic director of Pro Chiro and Sports Chiropractor playing golf in Surrey.

Want to learn more about the golf specific services that Pro Chiro offers?

If you are a golfer looking to improve your game, we have all the tools to help you out. Through the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), our sports chiropractor Josh has become qualified to assess your swing and your natural movement to work out why you’re feeling pain. The TPI training blends very well with Josh’s prior sports chiropractic qualification. These two specialities will help you to recover from pain and improve your golfing performance in no time at all.